Jas & Liliya--Another Great Shoot
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Monday, June 24, 2013
By Jeanette Gibson
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We’re excited to share our recent shoot with two of our favorite clients—Jas Clay and Liliya Souslova.  They’re both comedians, and we periodically update their publicity photos.

They had great ideas for locations . . . some grungy-cool urban areas and a bar with a performing stage.  Charles shot in both black & white and color, depending on the mood.  The B&W image of Liliya in front of the door is reminiscent of an old movie, don’t you think?  And the stage shots came out like real performances.

Without a doubt, the shot of the evening was of Jas on a Phoenix street corner with the light rail zooming past.  Charles used a technique called high-dynamic range (see above post, Aug.9) to balance and clarify all areas of the picture, while capturing the motion of the passing train.  Wow!

When you need some good laughs you simply must catch Jas and Liliya at comedy clubs and other venues around the valley.  Jas’s brand of humor is kind of laid back and reflective but really delivers.  If you’re lucky he’ll do his “demented baby” bit—hysterical!  Multi-talented Liliya incorporates singing, dancing, dialects into her act—whatever works.  And believe me it does!  She’s a true entertainer.





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