New Services for Trade Show Exhibitors
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Sunday, August 18, 2013
By Jeanette Gibson
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GHP has years of experience photographing conferences, conventions and meetings for a variety of organizations.  Most of these events sponsor exhibitions for vendors and service providers.

What’s so special?
In the course of our convention work, Charles and I have developed a style of exhibit photography that we have not, so far, seen anywhere else.  Using careful composition and off-camera lighting, we create flattering, high-impact images that are ready for publication.  I think you’ll agree that many of these shots look just like magazine ads.  (Check our Events portfolio for more examples.)


Why bother with exhibit photography?
Companies spend thousands on exhibits and trade show fees, but inferior snapshots of their booth and staff often appear in marketing collateral and websites.  So why not, we thought, direct our skill to exhibitors in need of a better brand image?

Another area that’s sometimes neglected is photodocumenting company branding events at the conventions.  There’s lots of PR potential in keeping customers and investors informed of these activities.  Call on GHP for editorial/candid photography of your giveaways, in-booth presentations, group shots, announcements, receptions, etc.

Be sure you’re covered.
Even if a conference you’re exhibiting at has an official photographer, you can’t be sure he or she will get around to shooting your booth.  Or if they do, that the image will be free of distracting elements, correctly exposed, and of print quality.

For a reasonable fee GHP can provide images you can use over and over in ads, brochures, newsletters, websites and more.  Give us a call to discuss Exhibitor Services.  You also may click HERE to view an order form.

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